Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday - July 20

Today was media day and it was busy!!!  Each BHSSC camp is required to have a media day which includes having an ExxonMobil representative lead the campers in a River Raft Activity.  Each crew was to design a raft they thought would hold the most payload (pennies) on water.  They made the rafts out of 2 sheets of foil and 4 straws.  The winner of today's activity held 371 pennies! We were fortunate to have Dr. Bernard Harris join us for this activity and spend time with the campers discussing their designs and educational interests. Everyone enjoyed getting his autograph in their camp programs, me included!

Then we trekked across campus to the Merket Center for a lunch cookout with Dr. Harris and other special guests including several Texas Tech faculty and staff. Karen Gibson from the Lubbock City Council presented us with a special recognition proclamation. Janie Kenney, ExxonMobil representative, spoke to the campers about being proud of their interest in science and to pursue their dreams. Dr. Harris stressed the importance of this camp in promoting the student's STEM education and related future jobs.  Dr. Harris encouraged the campers to believe in themselves because he believes that each of us is multi-potentialed, multi-talented and here at camp for a reason.  He charged each camper to figure out what special thing they can bring to this world and follow their dreams. Dr. Harris took several questions from the campers, mainly which focused on his time in space. Be sure and ask your child about the fun and interesting stories he shared.

After lunch, we headed to the Texas Tech Recreation Center for an afternoon of wall climbing and team building experiences.  I was amazed on how the campers took to the wall and zoomed to the top, several more than once.  It was a great time for all and I enjoyed watching them work together to accomplish the team building tasks. You could see the sense of accomplishment each had when they reached the top of the wall complete with big smiles.

This evening was open recreation time at the dorm and when I left they were busy playing volleyball, board games, calling home, watching TV, and socializing.  Another wonderful day at camp!

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