Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday - July 30

Last day of camp!

The morning started the same as all the others but with a little extra pep in everyone's step. Breakfast and then it was the final walk to our classroom in the Education Building. This morning's topic was nutrition and one of our camp nurses, Belinda Gallegos, RN led the class. The campers had several hands-on activities; how much sugar was in a Sonic Route 44 soda; how to read labels and make proper decisions; and a great interactive game that fit perfect within our camp - MyPyramid Blast Off Game (

After class, it was back to the dorm to pack and meet families for lunch. Closing ceremonies were held in the College of Business Lecture Hall where Lauren Dohrer, ExxonMobil Representative, spoke to and congratulated the campers on their achievements throughout the two weeks. Each crew presented their solution to the Core Problem and received their medallion, certificate and camp picture. The presentations were very impressive and showed how well they worked together as a crew in showing what they had learned. We were very proud of them all!

Then it was time for one final field trip to the Silent Wings Museum where campers and their families could tour the museum together and mingle with other families during the reception. This proved to be a wonderful time to visit and say our final goodbyes.

Several emotions were experienced today - excitement of completion, pride in one's accomplishments, thrill of seeing family and going home, sadness of saying goodbye to new friends, and the realization that the long awaited ExxonMobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp was over. There will be no more wondering what the next camp day will bring, but endless opportunities to use what was experienced and learned at camp both for the campers and staff. Needless to say I believe that all campers and staff involved were influenced in some way because of this experience. Some have learned new things and some have remembered things they had forgotten, but everyone took something positive from this camp...Mission Accomplished!

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