Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday - July 23

A visit to the Science Spectrum is always fun and interesting and this time was no different.  Since we had a day of forensics with King Tut earlier in the week, the Science Spectrum pulled a movie out of the vault especially for us - Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs.  It was really neat because they demostrated using DNA for various analysis of the mummies and we all knew exactly what they were talking about!

After the movie, everyone had plenty of time to explore the exhibits and hands-on activities throughout the Science Spectrum and then meet up for a pizza party for lunch.  The Science Spectrum also treated us to a special electricity show in the Science Theatre.  The show included demostrations of making electricity complete with lightning strikes and making one camper's hair stand straight up!  The finale was having a group of five campers hold wrists with one person on the first end with the "light switch" and one person on the other end with the "light bulb".  Both ends were connected to the "power plant" which consisted of the demonstrator turning a wheel to generate electricity.  Once the person on the end pressed the light switch, everyone could feel the electric current pass through the human chain to the other end.  Of course, everyone wanted to give this a try! 

After traveling back to the dorm, all campers gathered to write thank you notes to Dr. Bernard Harris and ExxonMobil.  Then it was upstairs to pack and wait for their parents to pick them up for the weekend.  Many were ready to get home but looking forward to coming back Sunday.  Hope everyone gets some well deserved rest.

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