Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday - July 22

Robots everywhere!!! It would be almost impossible to walk across our classroom today without stepping over or getting bumped by a robot. Today was robotics day and Malli Travis instructed the campers in an overview about robotics and then introduced them to the Lego NXT Mindstorms Kit. After learning about the brick (brain) and various sensors, the campers were ready to start building. Their challenge for the day was to design and build a Mars Rover that would rescue the wounded Spirit, the current Mars Rover. They were also to conduct various experiments while on Mars including: The Surveyor (line follower); Habitat Cleanup (moving obstacles); Volcano Run (weaving through obstacles); Specimen Collection (take and move objects) and Rescue (retrieving the wounded rover). There were several successful missions!

This evening the campers tested their compass skills in a navigation course and answered questions at each of the twelve destinations. Afterwards it was back to the dorm for some free time before bed.

Though everyone seemed to have had a good week, there is excitement that they will be going home tomorrow for the weekend break. Even the counselors!

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