Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday - July 21

It was all about forensics and King Tut today. Susan Talkmitt and the CISER (Center for the Integration of Science Education & Research) Scholars took the campers through the time of King Tut and the discovery of his tomb and its riches. Apparently, someone claimed to be the heir to King Tut and his fortune. It was the camper's job to determine through DNA experiments and other fact finding investigations if it was possible for King Tut to have an heir. Other activities included geocaching to find clues at designated spots throughout the campus and a lesson on hieroglyphics. Each crew took all the information gathered throughout the day and concluded that King Tut does not have an heir. The CISER Scholars made it a very fun and exciting day with forensics.

Evening activities included organized recreation time with eight team building stations outside on the dorm grassy area. The crews rotated through each station and had a task to complete together as a team. Some were very challenging as you will see in the pictures above. Even after two hours of recreation most of the campers wanted to play sand volleyball until shower and bed time. It was a long day and everyone should sleep well tonight!

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